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Gooseberry Jam

The music is best described as Rock n Roll, tho it may be better termed as Roots Rock. Sometimes it comes with with an acoustic edge, sometimes it leans towards Americana, and sometimes it's just plain out in your face! It depends on the night, & the mood.

The music takes the band for a ride, and the band invites you to come along!

For a most excellent Gooseberry Jam, you can start with this simple recipe...

First, take Sean Cox on drums & vocals, along with Randy Wagoner on bass guitar...mix well & pour, to form the solid base that this recipe will require.

Next, add Doyle Hinkle on lead guitar & vocals, & mix until well blended.

Now add a little more volume to that guitar, and let the mix rise!

Lastly, we'll add some words from singer/songwriter, Darrell Craig on lead vocals, along with rhythm guitar.

Now just mix well, let simmer, and ENJOY!

If you like true to the core music. Roots rock, Americana, I mean true grit rock n roll with a southern-fried taste of soul, then we hope you'll come out sometime and get yourself a taste of Gooseberry Jam!