The Gooseberry Jam is a force of melodic honesty & integrity to be reckoned with. Its Roots Rock~n~Roll with an Acoustic edge, sometimes leaning towards Americana, & sometimes just plain out "in your face" rock! It really depends on the night & the mood. The music & the energy take the band where it wants us to be & we don't fight it! This band squeezes the "juice of truth" out of each & every note, while singer/songwriter, Darrell Craig pours every ounce of being into each song, evoking emotions from listeners of all backgrounds & lifestyles. With Mike Kelleher on drums, laying down a solid foundation of musical bricks that can't be denied & "Dirty" Mike Stafford, with his soulful, sometimes "slow-drawn & whining" & sometimes "screaming for life" riffs that make you shake, dance, & long for more! Now, enter Phil Hobaugh, who brings in his chops on mandolin, banjo, guitar & is also a singer/songwriter himself, adding a voice that rounds out the vocal harmonies of the band to a brand new level! Oh yeah, Randy Wagoner plays bass.

If you like true to the core music, roots rock, Americana. I mean true grit, with a "southern fried taste of soul", then you don't want to miss The Gooseberry Jam!